Affordable housing

Falmouth can and must continue working towards a sustainable housing stock that is inclusive and equitable.

water quality

Implementing best practices for managing our water quality is crucial to keeping our community healthy and enjoyable.

Coastal resilience

Being educated and prepared about coastal and other hazards are critical in managing the effects of climate change.

opioid epidemic

This ongoing tragedy facing our community has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Onjalé Scott Price

Onjalé “Onji” Scott Price is running for Falmouth Select Board. She works in Woods Hole as Chief Operating Officer at Mizar Imaging, is a member of Falmouth’s Affordable Housing Committee, & will serve Falmouth with respect, compassion, & integrity.

Voter Endorsements

Onjalé is a dream candidate and she will be an excellent Select Board member. She is dedicated to working with our community to address the significant challenges of affordable housing, water quality, inclusivity, education, and so much more. I am proud to support Onji and hope you will join me!”

Zelda MacGregor

North Falmouth

Ms. Scott Price is a very intelligent young woman with the right motivation to run for public office. She wants to give back to the community she has come to call home and love. Her unique point of view, intelligence and creativity make her the right person for Falmouth now. Please join me in supporting Onjalé Scott Price.”

Matt Patrick


On May 18, my family and I will be voting for Onjalé Scott Price to be our newest Falmouth Select Board member.  I have known Onji since 2011 when she took the Program Coordinator position for the Woods Hole Partnership Education Program (PEP, for which she went on to become Acting Director).  Through her efforts with PEP and the Falmouth Affordable Housing Committee and her co-production/hosting of the Falmouth community TV show “The Conversation,” Onji has consistently demonstrated her willingness and effectiveness in creating opportunities for others to speak up and to thrive.  I encourage the Falmouth community to grab this opportunity to add Onji’s organizational energy and inclusive compassion to our Select Board’s local leadership efforts.”

Bill Waite

North Falmouth

I’ve lived in Falmouth for over 30 years and in the years since I met Onji I have been constantly blown away by her compassion and her energy, her dedication to making the world better, and especially her creativity in problem-solving around issues that seem like they’ll never get better – until Onji gets her hands on them!  As a public school teacher I am particularly grateful for her commitment to the youth of our town.  Every time I’ve come to her with a question or an issue, Onji has jumped right in to help out.  She knows firsthand the joys and challenges of living in Falmouth and she works tirelessly for our community.  I am so excited to be voting for Onji in the May 18th election!”

Lisbeth Liles

East Falmouth

I met Onji at a Society for Women in Marine Science Symposium in Woods Hole.  It was great to meet another women engineer, and we hit It off immediately. I was so excited to hear that she and André were moving back to Falmouth, and even more excited to hear that she recently decided to run for the Falmouth Select Board.  I think she’ll bring a great new perspective to the Board, and help represent more of our community.  She is smart, committed to service, and best of all… an engineer!  Engineers may not always have all of the answers, but they know how to work on teams to find solutions.  I’m proud to be supporting Onji for Select Board.”

Sheri White


I got to see Onjalé in action when both she and I were attending the Affordable Housing Committee meetings. I was impressed with her passion for affordable housing needs in Falmouth. She was so committed to the housing needs that the committee invited her to join the group. She is a very valuable member of that group now. 

Onjalé’s work with Woods Hole Diversity group has been very impressive. She led several community hearing sessions for people to hear about racism in Falmouth

She now co-hosts Conversations on FCTV which highlights her intellect and excellent communication skills. 

Select board needs young, diverse, articulate, passionate and committed individuals – Onjalé has all of these qualities.”

Olivia Masih White


I have known Onji for more than 10 years as a colleague and friend and am excited to support her for her run for Select Board! Onji focuses on building relationships and solving problems through positivity, creativity, and collaboration. Her teamwork skills, willingness to ask hard questions, and dedication to the town combined with her untethered energy for inclusivity, economic security, and equity make her, in my view, a relevant and important influencer, leader, and voice for our town. Oh, and she has an amazing personality as well!”

Beth Liles